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Simple, Make an amazing profit from your pools empty hours.

From helping cover costs to making hundreds a week, Hosts on Swimply take advantage of their pools many unused hours to earn a great supplemental income with full comfort, control and convenience.

 *Ps. We used to be called "Pool For U"




1. Don't just Keep it fun, Keep it safe.


Make sure your pool is maintained well and is up to date on its PH levels so your pool is clean and safe and looking awesome.



Make a supplemental income from your pool when you aren't using it.

85% of what you charge gets sent right to your account 24 hours after the booking is complete.

 2. Swimply, we all about community. 

one of the really cool things we are doing at Swimply, is enhancing communities in ways never done before. So while making the world a bit of a better place, Just gotta make sure the world is good with it.  By"world" we mean neighbors. we just mean it would be cool to make sure that before you list your pool on Swimply, that your neighbors are cool with it. Neighbors may suggest to limit your amount of reservations per week or ask that they limit the number of people or cars allowed per reservation. It's just about being cordial.


Be a positive force in your community by enabling those without a pool to enjoy a refreshing swim on a hot day right when they need it most.

3. Be a bit extra.

It's always the small things that count. From putting out towels to allowing bathroom access; it's these kinda things that will keep guests coming back for more.


Your pool, your rules. Decide when your pool is available and set your restrictions to your likings.

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Our team is always ready to help.

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